What is Pulsed Biofeedback

Medically proven pain relief that combines a highly focused electromagnetic field with pulsed biofeedback.

Pulsed Biofeedback is a medically proven therapeutic treatment for pain and other medical conditions.

It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction and may sometimes be called “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” (PEMF) therapy. It is part of a growing field of medicine called “energy medicine”.

“Energy is basic to everything we do… there is nothing mythical here.”

~Dr. James Oschman

Pulsed Biofeedback gets proven results because it is grounded in science. It combines a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field with a patient’s own pulsed biofeedback.

To give you more detail into this process this is what takes place during a treatment.

Using a biofeedback device a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field is used to painlessly seek out and penetrate targeted regions of your body. These targeted regions are areas that the electromagnetic field has identified as “repair sites”.

“Repair sites” are areas in your body that are basically throwing up a big red flag because they are giving off an energy wave signal that is disruptive or different from your body’s regular healthy energy waves. These energy wave disruptions may mean there is inflammation in that area and something is blocking the energy wave from moving smoothly as it should.

The electromagnetic field sees that red flag and it immediately responds to it with a highly tuned pulsed electromagnetic field that matches your own body’s biofeedback or natural pulse. This electromagnetic pulse breaks up stagnation and brings movement to the area.

The pulsed biofeedback process is painless but what it does is truly amazing.

It stimulates and regenerates the damaged or inflamed tissues in very targeted areas that are often hidden from conventional diagnostic processes. It then “jump-starts” the cellular activity in those areas. This jump-start can encourage healing, decrease inflammation and strengthen the immune system.

Pulsed biofeedback can make you feel better. It can make your body heal better… without drugs… without surgery.

“90% of patients reported pain relief and improved function”

~Principal Investigator (PL), Dr. C.A. Schroeter

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