Common Questions

Answers to the most frequent questions people ask about pulsed biofeedback

Is this treatment backed by any real science?


Most people will already know about the ECG (ElectroCardioGraph). Many may already have had one done at their doctor’s. It is a simple procedure that picks up and records the electricity in and around the heart.

A heart cannot function without its electrical parts that generate, conduct and thus guarantee the flow of electricity through it to keep it beating. Sometimes its beating even has to be carried on by an implanted external electricity-generating device (a pacemaker).

It is the same with our brains. The EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraph) picks up and records the electricity in and around the brain, the so-called ‘brain waves’.

So both the ECG and the EEG pick up waves, and we hope, that these waves are normal. Sometimes they are not.

There are many more waves in our body which have not been used yet by doctors. Examples include electrical waves of ill or inflamed parts of our body. Pulsed biofeedback combined with pulsed electromagnetic fields can use these “ill” waves. It can find them and stimulate healing with special waves of its own, which fit exactly to the “ill” waves.

In the end, the underlying scientific process behind pulsed biofeedback treatment is the concept of resonance in physics. Resonance is a movement or oscillation that happens when one system is affected by another system that is itself oscillating at the right frequency.

Your body will resonate with the specific fields of energy which it needs to facilitate healing and optimal wellness.

The proper resonance for your body is detected via the subtle response in your vascular automonic signal or VAS which is assessed by your pulse. The practitioner matches finely tuned pulsed-frequencies with the frequencies of your body.

What’s particularly unique is that even while we are in the process of assessing, you are simultaneously receiving healing energy at the same time.