Biofeedback (BFB)

Biofeedback (bfb) is a method of treatment and rehabilitation based on developing the patient’s skills of self-control and self-regulation of various body functions to improve the overall condition. It is a hardware and computer-based technique using various sensors that record various physiological indicators. Signals from the sensors are converted by the computer and perceived by the patient in the form of acoustic and visual signals, as well as in game form.


An effective, non-drug method of treating panic attacks;

Psychoprophylaxis to maintain high capacity for work, elimination of symptoms of overwork, anxiety, prevention and protection from the effects of stress;

Non-drug treatment of neurological diseases, including chronic pain syndrome, migraine, headache;

as a remedy for bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis;
as a method of treatment of vegetovascular dystonia (VDD), psychogenic disorders of heart rhythm, arterial hypertension, postinfarction psychological rehabilitation;

for the treatment of sleep disorders – insomnia, headaches, migraines, nervous tics, neurasthenia, anxiety and phobic syndrome, panic attacks, astheno-depressive and astheno- hypochondriac syndromes;

for rehabilitation of often and long-sick children (from 4 years), to teach children to cope with stresses of different origin, with childhood hyperactivity, to improve concentration and memory;

Psychophysiological preparation of pregnant women for childbirth, migraines and headaches in pregnant women, panic attacks in pregnant women.

How does biofeedback therapy work?

Biofeedback is a non-drug method of treatment and training based on the use of the body’s latent reserves (self-improvement). The history of man is the history of his struggle with himself: the struggle with pain, fear, fatigue. Thousands of years of experience of Buddhist monks or Indian yogis deservedly arouses amazement and admiration. Over the years of persistent training, they develop the ability to feel no pain, no fatigue or fear, with the help of meditation to quickly restore strength without needing a long rest.

The method of Biofeedback is the synthesis of the centuries-old human experience and modern technologies, allowing to achieve a positive result within 10-15 sessions, where before the years of training were required. We would like to mention at once that we don’t set the task to teach the patient to sleep on nails and walk barefoot on burning coals, our goal is to free YOU from headaches, to teach to withstand stress, not to give way to panic attacks, to get rid of insomnia, to fight with fatigue.

Biofeedback involves the active participation of a person in the process of correcting their physiological functions and motor skills.

Through sensors on the screen of the monitor reflects your internal state (muscle tension, pulse rate, peripheral temperature, brain rhythms) in the form of graphs, drawings, music. Thanks to this visualization you can easily make sure of the possibility of controlling your body in the necessary direction, for this purpose it is necessary to relax, sensitive sensors will fix all the changes and if you successfully achieve the goal will inform you about it with music and changing image, at the same time you try to remember your condition. In this way, a skill is formed and consolidated. Just don’t be afraid or upset if something doesn’t work right away (because if it were easy, there would be no need for sophisticated equipment and instructors, and you wouldn’t suffer from your ailments!) Under the guidance of experienced and attentive professionals you will be taught to RELAX, letting pain, fear, despair and fatigue pass you by. By perceiving audio and video feedback signals, you will be able to see and hear your body’s internal, hidden until now, reserves and, using them, improve normal and correct impaired functions. Through repeated repetition, that is, through training, a new behavioral strategy is formed and consolidated in the central nervous system, which provides your protection and enables you to cope with pain, stress, fear, fatigue without the help of medication, to gain confidence and, as a result, improve your quality of life.